Ruby Gem Recipe

One of the first hurdles new ruby programmers run into is creating a project as a gem. Today there are some great tools that trivialize gem creation and publication: jeweler, bundler, github, gemcutter. In this article I’ll show the creation of an example application with a command line interface all packaged in a gem.

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A Manager for DRb

The other day I wanted to parallelize one of my applications so dusted off DRb (included in ruby’s standard library). While DRb is pretty easy to use, the pain has always been setting up the servers and keeping their code current. This time I wanted the application to handle everything.

So here are my basic requirements:

  • Support using multiple DRb objects
  • Support local and remote hosting of the DRb server(s)
  • Application to install current code on host machine(s)
  • No application code to have to be manually installed on host machine(s)
  • Minimal software requirements on host machine(s)
  • Application to control the DRb server(s) (start/stop)
  • Linux and Mac support (don’t care about windows)

The result is Drbman.
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